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Leaky Condos and Getting Financial Assistance

in News, Tips & Advice

Leaky condos have an impact on the lives of homeowners who sadly are troubled by the significant financial expenses associated with their restorations. “Leaky Condos” are defined by breakdowns of building enclosures (envelope), leading to water entering the envelopes resulting in rot, deterioration, decay and mold. It wasn’t until the late 80’s when the government […]

Co-Signing Vs. Guarantor

in First Time Buyer, Mortgage, Tips & Advice

Co-Signing or Guaranteeing a Loan  In the event that an applicant isn’t in a position to qualify for a mortgage on their own, generally as a result of poor credit, inadequate employment history, or insufficient down payment — many lenders may be willing to offer financing with a Co-signer or a Guarantor. Guarantor Vs. Co-Signer […]

Benefits and Risks of Purchasing a Pre-Built condo

in Mortgage, News, Tips & Advice

The purpose of this blog is to share some practical financial and legal tips for those considering buying a pre-sold condo and to assist buyers to make an informed decision. Pre-sale condos are sold before construction begins. Purchasing a pre-built or pre-sold condo has its own advantages and disadvantages. In a rising market, one can […]

How To Repair Credit After Bankruptcy

in foreclosure, Mortgage, Tips & Advice

Bankruptcy can majorly affect you in several ways. You can lose your “non-exempt” assets and there will be a note on your credit file for 6 years. If you have double bankruptcy (bankrupt twice), the note remains on your file for 14 years. Nevertheless this does not mean that you cannot apply for credit or […]

How To Sever a Jointly Owned Property Ownership In BC

in foreclosure, Mortgage, Tips & Advice

During my career as a mortgage broker, I sometimes find myself in a predicament where two or more people purchase a property together and when the relationships ends, no one is willing to pay the mortgage. Often couples purchase property together, but occasionally people in other relationships, such as friends, business partners or siblings may […]

Difference Between Joint tenants vs. Tenants-in-common

in Mortgage, Tips & Advice

When two buyers purchase a property jointly, they are able to either register the title as joint tenancy or tenancy in common. The majority of people are not aware of the difference. With joint tenancy, none of the owners possess a separate or divisible share in the property. Additionally they both enjoy the same ownership […]

Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker

in First Time Buyer, Mortgage, Tips & Advice

Searching for the most suitable mortgage for your requirements along with your budget may be a tough and often challenging task. The variety of mortgage products currently available ensures that clients can benefit from a variety of options, and these kinds of options improve the likelihood of getting an excellent value mortgage loan. However, the […]